In the past this site represented my home based business of web design and development. Now I am changing it’s contents to reflect my retirement activities just a show and tell of sorts. I have a lot of art work I have done in the past and now in the present and needed to have a way to display it on the web. Also some short stories and poetry comes to me from time to time and I thought it might be nice to share that. Find that under “Sharing” and “Stories” link.

I like to photograph sunsets and flowers so I may have a photo gallery set up as well.
Look under “Photos”.

I also may have a page dedicated to friends art work so that they can show and tell also. My way of sharing the art energy! See upcoming list of links under my “Friends” Link.

In the future I may place some things available for sale, but for right now it is a show and tell. Enjoy!

You can write to me Via my contact form. I’ve turned off comments because too much spam comes through.

Thank you.

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