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What Can Geek Street Do For You?

Just about any Geeky thing that you don’t know how to do, or would just rather not spend your time on! We can also teach you enough Geek to do a lot of work on your own. We will:

  • Strategize with you to create the right website for your needs and desires
  • Build your new website
  • Change, fix, modernize, and update your existing website
  • Optimize your meta tags, content, and website for high search engine rankings (SEO)
  • Produce logos, banners, Flash, animations, videos, audios, multimedia, mechanical drafts, illustrations, virtual tours, and many other types of graphics
  • Create professional content for your website
  • Generate digital or print business publications (presentations, letterhead, business cards, brochures, ads, eBooks)
  • Create your e-commerce website, including shopping cart and payment system
  • Maintain your website
  • Teach you how to create and maintain your own website
  • Help you make money and be successful on the Internet!

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Non-Geek Track Semi-Geek Track
You want a great business website, but you don’t need to know any of that technical Geeky stuff…. You’d like some help to get started, but you really want to learn how to do your own website editing and maintenance….

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