Site Design and Development
(GSS stands for Geek Street Studios — That’s us! WP stands for a WordPress Site. It affords the owner with a site that has the “Blogging” capability, which is also excellent for Search Engine Optimization along with CMS (Content Management System) it is a great choice to make. Most of the logos, galleries, animations, illustrations, represented in GSS sites were designed by DJ the original owner of GSS.) We have several other folks that support the work of GSS and soon will be highlighting their work, both collaborations and independent accomplishments.

Here is a list of clients and their websites that GSS has helped to design, and develop.
One note: Since GSS strives to promote self-sufficiency with their clients, we cannot take responsibility for how their site has grown or diminished, we believe that it is the responsibility of the owner to maintain and update their site in a way that it will reflect their business in a professional way. We at Geek Street Studios are always ready and willing to assist and tutor again if necessary, they can give us a call and we will have someone available – normal charges for services will be applied. After tutoring our clients, we are proud that they can take care of their sites for the most part, thereby saving them money and empowering them to do so is our pleasure!

TAO Humor Center, the Sister-Site, the Ark & Canoe Site, and The Ark and the Covenant Site. Miriam Wilson, Owner, Teacher Extraordinaire is a prolific writer and artist, who has a lot to share with the world. From her left-handed drawings to her most recent teachings on the Sophian, Feminine Gnosticism, she has a wonderful amount of wisdom to impart. A must read! All Design and maintenance by GSS.

Dr Judy Holistic
GSS Theme Design and development (based on 2011 WordPress Theme)
Dr. Judy received her formal education at Colorado State University, including a bachelor’s degree in Zoology in 1984, and completed her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1988. Her web site is still in the process of being built but I wanted to share her insights!
She says “Some traditional medicines are useful in certain circumstances, but I believe that in the long-term, the healing process is better supported by alternative methods. These may include proper nutrition, homeopathy, herbal therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, laser therapy and managing the emotional state of the pet.”
Dr. Judy is starting a Holistic Vet consultation business, you can use her contact form to set up a chat.
She is in charge of her site at this point in time. GSS offers tech trouble shooting from time to time.

Apple Rescue of
GSS Theme development (based on Magazine Basic Theme) with a Shopping Cart and some custom pages.
The Owner has a surprising amount of Vintage Apple Computers, Products, Cables, Adapters and Software. Located here in Denver Colorado her shop will ship anywhere in the world where not restricted by law, but here in the Denver and surrounding areas she also offers a variety of services. Check out her site for all your Vintage Apple needs! GSS designed the banner and over-all look and feel and then the owner has taken over maintaining her site as well.

GSS created the slideshow and designed the site. It is a full featured WP site with blog capability. His photos will make you hungry! Be warned!!! GSS probably gained some extra pounds while working on his site!
A quote from his site: “Jerry Shennan and Shennan Photography provides photography that will help you in unequaled quality and representation. It will put you above all the rest. The photographs will be sensual and desirable to all that see them. Others will remember your photographs and want more.”

Jonathan David
(GSS – Theme re- design and WP Development)
Jonathon received his Bachelor and Master of Music degrees in guitar performance from the University of Denver (DU) under famed pedagogue Ricardo Iznaola. Jonathan graduated with top honors. Recognized as an outstanding performer, Jonathan was awarded: First Prize-Lamont Chamber Music Competition, two Recital of Distinction Awards, The Dean’s Scholarship, Graduate Teaching Assistant and membership in the Pi Kappa Lambda National Music Honor Society. Mr Barlow has taken over his website, and maintains it himself.

Little Big
(GSS – Banner design, Theme re- design and WP Development with PayPal’s plugin a free Shopping cart.)
Little Big Cat is your reliable source for information on holistic health, behavior, and nutrition for your cat (and dog!), from holistic veterinarian Dr. Jean Hofve. Dr Jean has some interesting ebooks for sale that are packed full of information! Buy a few! Dr. Jean maintains her own site.

Dr Richard “Animal Natural Health Center” was founded by Dr. Richard Pitcairn
(GSS – Banner design, Theme re- design and WP Development)
This web site presents “The Professional Course in Veterinary Homeopathy”, and to date he has over 300 animal doctors trained in using this method. Visit this site to sign up for his next class (if you are a Vet) and for the rest of us it is a good “read” on Homeopathy with some very good resources available. Check out his Book section! Go! ~ purchase his book: “Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide To Natural Health For Dogs and Cats Dr. Pitcairn takes care of and adds to his site often.

Peter Stucz Chiropractic
(GSS ~ Logo design Banner design, Theme re- design and WP Development)
Dr Stucz is a wonderful Chiropractor, we have been friends for many years. Without his care I would not be able to sit behind this computer as often as I do. His technique is that of an artisan, he does not CRACK a persons back! Rather the manipulation is as gentle as a tiny soft massage but VERY specific. The vertebrae are gently nudged into place with no trauma! Go see him, he is a delightful and very knowledgeable and caring person. He seldom has time to write but wanted a Blog type site in order to provide a handy way to have the opportunity to write when he has the time. His site remains close to what GSS built for him , and he also enjoys the opportunity to add pages as needed. His office personnel maintains his site.

Logo Design Banner design, Theme re- design and WP Development A GSS creation.
(Now updated and maintained by another webmaster.)

Duane Myers
(GSS WP Development – Duane Myers designed the look and of course all the wonderful paintings represented therein! Also a collaborative work with Doug Wray MacWebGuru who successfully incorporated the design.)
(Now updated and maintained by another webmaster.)

Masterful Musicians
(Logo Design, Banner design, Theme re- design and WP Development A GSS creation) Also a collaborative work with Doug Wray of
Suzanne Barlow (the owner) has been very happy with the work of GSS and we are pleased to be her webmaster. Her site is up and it is growing in functionality as we go. She represents some of the finest musicians in the area! She is one terrific booking agent, and I am happy to call her friend! Next time you have an event, where music is a must – have her make all the arrangements!
(Now updated and maintained by another webmaster.)

Holiday Auto Care
(WP Created and Designed by GSS) These mechanics are great, plus they have that old fashioned attitude that the customer is to be served well. Drop in let them know you heard about them on the web!

Beso de
(GSS is proud of the design and animation included with site development! The Flash design, Logo and animation, created By GSS)
This is a restaurant with great food of the Latin flavor.
Their Logo was never built in vector format and attempting to use it in professional advertising was (well) a nightmare! So the entire Logo was re-done in vector format and it was needed in order to animate within Flash. The Website is completed — designed and developed by GSS–coded in HTML/CSS. Geek Street Studios no longer maintains their site. We are happy to see that it is still stylish and being maintained.

Geek Street Studios (WP My Own Business site – as usual needs updating!)
One of the owners is now partially retired and still does some low-end work, but GSS has a few wonderful co-operators. We will be happy to get you in touch with one of them. Please use our contact form. Thank you!

Swan Lace Clothier
Here, fine Renaissance clothing is for sale. We are using the Gold cart shopping cart plugin and with it’s many features we will be able to share many choices or colors, sizes and styles. (A WP site – the work is in Progress, Kathy the Owner is a wonderful Renaissance woman who travels to operate her various shops/booths across our nation. When she has time we work on the site which is ever changing and growing.) The photos will soon be finished and the store will grow. In the meanwhile you can use her contact info to arrange to purchase something for the Ren Festival in your area!
Some elements were developed by GSS and the site is constantly being re-designed by the wonderful owner who travels way too much to try to do her site. GSS is always available but she has another “Ren” web friend who travels too — but they will get it done sooner or later!

Denver Apple Pi
A WP site Donated to Mac User Group (Designed and Developed By GSS and partners, many years ago.) The members wanted it to be very simple.
One of the members has experimented with YouTube Movies and successfully uploaded the links to share with others on the site. This site is maintained by one of the members for the last 4 years.

Our partner M.Doug Wray was employed at CU-Boulder Alumni Association
He has built the entire site from the ground up using WordPress, He now is working on quite a few sites and is available thru temp agencies and works on his own as well as with GSS. Here is a list of his current clients.

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