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Ann Mohler Artist

I received a BFA, in 1979 from The Minneapolis College of Art and Design. I participated in eighty art shows with my Neon Installations, locally, nationally and internationally. In 1995, I received an MFA in Glass from the University of Minnesota. I was a college art instructor for 15 years. I taught college English for 5 years.

Here is a sample of my art work that has been submitted to the University of Nebraska for an art show. Find below the images’ text that is written in the collage, listed by the name of each piece.
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Here is an audio file with Annie’s voice telling about an African experience she had. (Click the Link, a new page will open and the audio should start playing. Turn up your volume on your computer. Enjoy!)


Antiga’s and Annie’s Bloodprints with Giotto and Annie Mohler’s Collages:

“3,000 Breaths for Witches”

“Yellow Birds”

“Remove All Evil”

“911 ~ 11am ~ 2001”

“Angel with Vervain Wand”

“2296 Timeless Breaths”

Text for “3,000 Breaths for Witches”:
Annie’s Bloodprint with Giotto; Anointing oil with witches Blood and 3,000 breaths for the women witches killed in the burning times. Completed April 15, 2019.
I show you hidden things, hidden things that you have not seen. Between the 12th and 18th Century six million witches killed in Europe and American Women’s Church and State- (Author: Gage) April 30, 2019 Greta Thunberg “I want you to panic like your house is on fire, 200 species are lost everyday we need cathedral ceiling thinking.” Love is who we are and who we are becoming. Never Stop loving. The Circle is an Eternal Crown of Truth that Redeems us all Nov. 23 2018, April 15, 2019, Anointing oil with witches blood and 3,000 breaths for 3,000 witches lost in the burning times, Paris, Notre Dame burns April 15, 2019, Fortitude stands with us in our afflictions, March 25, 2019, Spring begins A Dream- 4/20/19. Notre Dame’s roof has burned to let in The Living Light The new roof was glass and steel. In the apex of the spire was a sanctuary for the Bees I have forgiven you all. April 21, 2019 A.L.M. (Annie Louise Mohler)

Text for “Yellow Birds”
Antigas Bloodprints with Giotto, A response to 9/11; Collage with Yellow Clay Bird, Norad. Completed with Revisions 2018-2019.
Menstrual Blood with Norad sage and sacred water.
Now is the time to seek the answer. Now is the time. Oh home of the brave And Land of the Yellow Birds, Nov.14, 2001 A.L.M. “I am she whom they call the Law: “And you all called lawlessness” The Thunder Perfect Mind, Oct. 20, 2018, Winona La Duke, Standing Rock, Water is Life Miwiconi – 2018
Text for “Remove All Evil”:
Antigas Bloodprints with Giotto, A response to 9/11; “Remove any evil that might harm this child” … Collage; dolls dress, Broom-Straw from from Ghana west Africa, Antique Clock from Grandparents house, photos.
Completed with Revisions 2018-2019
Remove any evil that might harm this child… To the stars through difficulties. This little child means the world to me. Grandma Lizzie made this dress for black doll. I place my worries in your hands.. Nov. 15, 2001. H-O-M-E-L-E-S-S Frederick Douglas, Coldwater Springs resident, on-the-run. The Bonga Family at Coldwater Springs took him in. They were of Native American, Irish, Black and Finnish heritage. May 23rd, 2019 Hebron, NE. Thanksgiving 1955.
Great Aunt Amy; How is this doll different?”
Me: “The doll can’t cry or pee, like tiny tears.”
Great Aunt Amy: “This is Black baby Doll she was my doll when I was little, my parents and brothers and sisters were all black”,
Me: “My sister has my Grandmas doll, can I have black baby doll? I love black baby doll.”
Great Aunt Amy: “Black baby doll, has to stay with me, but you can always have her in your heart, You’re so sweet you don’t understand at all.”
Blood of a Crone, The Craft continues, Nov. 11, 2018
Text for “911 ~ 11am ~ 2001”:
Antigas Bloodprints with Giotto; A response to 9/11
Collage Varied mixed medium. Completed with Revisions 2018-2019
On September 11th 2001 @ 11:00a.m. I took my elderly Mother to a mountain grotto. It was steep and difficult for a wheelchair. She could not make it up to the shelter for Our Lady. Alone I climbed the rocks to the top. On the altar were eight pine cones and so I left a 9th as an offering. Kneeling on the stones it was easy to reach and place my Mothers offering, a small American flag, into the Lady’s arms. Struggling down the path, my Mother told me the story of preacher Terry. His congregation lived deep in the country. They were called the barefoot nation because none of them had any shoes. They were poor and ignorant. Their land was dry and sandy red, hard to grow a crop on. Their little boys carried lunches in lard pails. They were fierce little fighters. Their little girls wore white flour sacks for dresses. Their bonneted faces hid eyes that looked down. Their women were not taught to read. Many of their babies died.
Preacher Terry hated three things,
1. The Catholic Church
2. Missionaries and
3. Methodists.
And so it came to pass that the preacher became deathly ill. His wife drove him with the mule and buckboard wagon under the blue stars into the town begging for help. It was the Catholic sisters who helped save his life that night. Then a young missionary nurse, our great Aunt Harriet, on leave from China, volunteered to nurse Preacher Terry at his place out in the country. When she left, my Grandmother, a nurse and a Methodist took her place. That’s how Preacher Terry learned that he had made a big mistake! We must love unconditionally! The word got out corrected to the barefoot nation! Gradually little girls came to class with their brothers. That September 11, 2001 high on the hill above me the Virgin looked tiny, but I could see she still cradled our red, white and blue starred country.
Annie Mohler Nov. 15 2001/2018
Text for “Angel with Vervain Wand”:
Antigas Bloodprints with Giotto, A response to 9/11; Collage:
Vervain wand, photo of Angel, prayer flag. Completed with Revisions 2018/2019
52 percent of the white women’s vote was for a President who has been accused of sexual misconduct by at least sixteen women. Oct. 7, 2018. I can only ask why? why? why? First day of Autumn, 2001, Giotto’s wand of vervain. Why did they betray us, with women’s blood, Why? To my dear country, Clarity of Vision Goddess Bless the World 2/22/2001, 10/6/2018
For I am a survivor and I vote. Vervain (herb) – Ancient Romans and Native Americans used to reduce depression and stress, chest congestion, immune system disorders and to reduce salt. Nov. 3, 2018.
Text for “2296 Timeless Breaths”:
Antigas Bloodprints with Giotto, A response to 9/11. Collage Varied mixed medium.
Completed with Revisions 2018-2019
With or without reason, Love You, Annie M Blood of a witch with plastic holly 1,148 write secret messages here – 2018 per sisterhood – “I am she who shouts out and I am thrown to the ground.” Chapter 4:pg. 24, The Thunder – Perfect Mind Nov. 2, 2018, Sept 22,2001
Giotto: Carpe Diem 11/15/01, 2,296 TIMELESS BREATHS She (I) said “keep them in a little gold box (or make that black) And label it September 11, 11/15/01

Annie Mohler’s Neon Sculptures Art from the Past:

“Dancer with a Hoe”

Ceiling Tiles cutout and painted with Neon and Text. 1991, Based on a Dream of a native Dancer Hoeing the ground and uncovering snakes.

“Yang Shao Pottery”

Terra cotta Pottery with a neon design – attained from a women’s group vision. 1995, 2′ X 2′ (one of 7 designs). Based on an exploration of 5000 year old Yang Shao Chinese Pottery, and the painted designs prove that the Divine proportions were in the painted designs, and the design of the pot as well.

Tiananmen (Square)

White Shirt, plastic toy tank and Graffiti and neon. 1992, In Response to June 4th, 1989 Tiananmen Square Event I had a Chinese Artist pen pal who was lost at Tianamen Square. She published an art magazine that was given out at the protest. My art work was in this magazine.

“Eternal Life”

A response to my Father’s Death August 21st., 1983
Neon And Poetry – A diary of my father’s last 7 days on Earth.
WCA Passages Art Show Entries – November 2019
From the Series: Tackling Torture
“Retreads: 362 Americans were executed by the Schutzstaffel (SS) at the Battle of the Bulge in WW II” ~ The Size is 11 3/4″ X 9 3/4″
“On our Bodies, on our Souls: Acid Rain ~ The Size is “91/4 by 11”
“Hey Soldier” x~ The Size is 9″ X 11″
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