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Adventures of Trip This Site and Logo Illustration was commissioned by a sweet exuberant creative lady out of Oregon and CA. “Paz” as she is known to her friends desired to create a site that provides a place for introspection on the “Trip of life”.  Trip is also the name of her cat who she is privileged to have been chosen by him to represent his “owner/partner” in life’s adventure. Visit her site, check out her posts, experience a few of the Universal Truth Cards, and purchase a set or two.
I especially enjoyed creating her Logo and appreciated her allowing my creative flow to expand and fully intuit the design, she fell in love with it at first sight! The cartoon of her cat was a take-off from a photo she shared with me.

Masterful Musicians owned by Suzanne Barlow, she was brought to Geek Street Studios Via Beso de Arte.

Suzanne is a amazingly and sweet lady with a lot on the ball. Geek Street is proud to be the developer of her web site and media kit.

She met the manager of Beso de Arte, Mackenzie, when she dropped in to see if they were in need of professional musicians for any of their events or upcoming holidays. Beso de Arte serves delicious gourmet Latin foods of the true Spanish culture. They are into organic foods as well. I am vegetarian and found they did not have any vegetarian entrees on the  menu but Mackenzie was happy to over see the compiling of a delightful sampler plate of what could be prepared for a vegetarian, she states she is a vegan.

Beso de Arte found Geek Street Studios when one of their employees, Rawnie Berry, referred us having been introduced to the owner DJ, through the Apple User Group Denver ApplePi.

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3 Responses to On our Clients

  1. Diana Forest has proven herself to be a valued asset for our growing company. Her knowledge and implementation of my requirements has been both timely and professional. I especially appreciate the patience and effort she takes to explain each step of website production. She has good ideas and is also willing to be directed by others. Her design and marketing materials are prompt and cost effective for a small entity such as ours.
    Suzanne Barlow

  2. Paz says:

    Diana is not only a professional, but a complete gem! Her listening ability leads to a smooth creative process that inspires everyone involved. Diana’s insights, patience and willingness was above and beyond expectation.
    Without question, Diana will be involved with my growing creative ventures because of her knowledge and experience, but more importantly, because she cares!

  3. Diana has been an absolute godsend. She has taken my website from pathetically homemade to stunningly professional, while teaching and enabling me to do the bulk of the maintenance myself. Her knowledge is encyclopedic, and she is patient and gentle when I mess something up. She even responds to questions and messages promptly, which is a new experience for me among web designers. She’s got a great artistic sense, too. I am so glad I found her!