Semi-Geek Track

Semi-Geeks welcomed here! We will be able to get you going — fully empowered to do as much as you want to move your site along, saving money at the same time, because you want to learn how to do as much as you can. You know that having a few windows open on your computer’s monitor does not confuse you in the least bit, you probably have done a remarkable lot in Microsoft’s word from time to time.

We are here for you!
We know you want to learn more and want to know how to do it yourself.  We will get it going and show you how to manage it to the degree you are comfortable with. Long distance is not a problem we can work with Phone, FaceTime, Skype, iChat and Teleconferences as well as in person, here in beautiful Denver Colorado.


  • Basic or assisted website design and development,
  • WordPress (WP) website self-hosted and customizable or
  • Standard HTML with CSS implementation
  • Domain Name and setup host, 
  • If WP, installation of plug-ins and widgets,
  • Customized styles and settings
  • Database development and integration CSS/HTML coding
  • Advanced website maintenance


  • How to use your your WordPress website self-hosted and customizable (much different than WordPress blog); it’s easy to use, and extremely flexible
  • Basic and Intermediate Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • How to use PayPal
  • How to use your Shopping Cart
  • Social Media, styling your Twitter page, basics of FaceBook and more

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