Ode to the Death of the Tongue.

Oh tongue, oh tongue
Why do you taunt me so?
Pull out of me the past?

Is it to feed the Ego?
Is it to say goodbye, fond memories? …
Were they?

OH Silence, Sweet Silence – teach me of Thee!

Let quietude be the rein-master.
Let “Peace be Still” be my breath.
Let wisdom be the guide to thee.

Blessed voice of mine, so melodic,
May you be honored by everything that passes out of those lips.
May the tongue serve only the “I” that “I Am”

Let Silence be the guard, the check point of my voice.

May only Blessings flow forth from my mouth
May the mouth be married to the Soul, as One

May Sacredness ever be the only reason to speak.

No longer, tongue, are you to serve the ego and the past,
Rest in Peace and in Silence!

Diana “Forest”