Teddy Bear

The Hope Teddy Bear

(An Androgynous Teddy Bear – not of Male or Female but a Being – a He/She, a She/He, a Him and Her, all these terms are used randomly within the story to depict Androgyny.)

The Epitome of Hope and Faith – a story about Teddy
By Diana Forest 2018

Teddy was just laying there on top of the garbage can, gazing up at the sky, having not a care in the world. Little did she know that the trash persons would come along any moment and sweep him away into the garbage heap!

But NO the gaze was upon the sky and the picturesque clouds floating by. Interesting thing about Hope – Hope is the knowing that Fulfillment already is fully present.

My son and I drove by this scene out in front of a home at the end of the driveway and after having seen this I said: “We have to turn around.” He said “why”, I said “I have to save a Teddy Bear!” He said “Really Mom? “Yes — you’ll see.”

So we did and he realized he hadn’t seen Teddy laying there, he was the driver on this day!

He said it might be full of bugs or very dirty — I said “I don’t think so”.
I jumped out of the car and said “Hello Teddy”,   as I took him/her into my arms, yes there were some leaves on his backside but he was not wet nor very dirty.

Teddy sat nicely in the back of my car and off we went. It looked silly having a passenger languidly laying back reclining in the back of the car, gazing again at the clouds out the window, maybe she was giving thanks… I can only imagine…

So we had things to do that day and my son was going out of town and it was a cold day — I thought Teddy would not mind staying safe in the car for a few freezing nights — (Just in case, some bugs were going to hitchhike for a few days). So I glanced out my apartment’s window from time to time considering what was I going to do with this giant teddy bear, and how was I going to make sure he/she is clean before bringing into the house. I heard a little whisper of thanks and of reassuring divine patience, Teddy knew what was up!

Finally a warm day came along and I took Teddy and a little damp wash rag and some Lavender spray to a car wash vacuum machine. For about 30 minutes I talked to Teddy as I vacuumed every nook and cranny of his/her body. There was no ribbon around the neck and all the rest of the body was in perfect shape — why did they throw him/her out I wondered, did they only want the ribbon?.

I took my wash rag and sprayed some lavender oil mix onto it and started singing a little chant while I washed her/him with Lavender. I used the vacuum again to comb out the fur a bit. I swear Teddy giggled with joy, like being tickled, and she smelled so good! I told her she had just one more day out in the car to let the perfumed smell dissipate a little — (I have a kitty, and some oils can be too strong!)

Teddy finally got to come in and have a seat on the couch where my son usually sits to watch TV. I have to say, it felt nice to see Teddy sit there, my son got a truck driving job and was gone most of the time now.

I had a hat that would look good on Teddy so on it went, dandy as can be! Then a scarf, a purse, a cup of tea… oh my! How cute! My other animals wanted to come hang out and kitty too, decided he was OK! She never sits on the back of the couch but there she was keeping Teddy company!

If Teddy can teach us a few things I would say Hope, Faith, and Patience all are the gifts. I never had such a big bear in my childhood and I think I am being reminded to again visit that sense of wonder, surprise and joy in my life.

In the last couple of months, Teddy had been a play companion to my Great Grandchildren and their friends, and has cheered up a friend who was sad and brought confidence to a friend who was worried about a court case.

I have loaned him/her out for sleepovers to people in need of comfort and Teddy even got to play with the neighbors kitty!

I told my Spiritual teacher, Joy, about him/her and was planning a trip to go see her and she asked if Teddy could come along for a visit! Oh Boy! A road trip! We had to find some nice clothes for this!

I realized Teddy was an androgynous being and clothing could be just about looking right for the event – not necessarily Male or Female. But this was a Sacred Journey – to go see a Sacred Being and he/she realized his entire journey was Sacred. From being created of the earthen materials formed by a Divine Idea, chosen for a short term mission and even to be discarded, so that she/he could be a “Love” discovered for yet another Sacred Event. Blessed by Hugs, toys, friends and now — what’s this? A beautiful gold fabric shawl has been placed upon his shoulders and a Gold knapsack that was blessed by Monks has been placed upon her shoulder! Now ready for the Road Trip!

Teddy was thinking this: 
“The road trip was funny — I smiled at people driving by me and I even got to wave at a child or two along the way (With a little help from my friend!). The excitement was quiet a storm of joy … the teachers name is JOY! And full of joy she was!”

“A sweet English lady- beautiful English accent and a Table set for a formal Tea! Can you believe it! From atop a Trash can, admiring the big beautiful sky and now this High Tea with a Sacred Teacher and my Hostess, a Sacred Being who found me, I have known all along I was blessed and now it has been shown to me in these many ways!”

“Life events unfold from the invisible to the visible — and the profound Knowing that fulfillment is already mine – no matter the current appearances – allows the beauty of Divine Grace to unfold before my very eyes! I am filled with gratefulness.”

A quote to remember … “Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty; not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.” —Charles Dickens

I named Teddy Andy’O …
Andy for the androgynous being He/she is
and O for the 3 Omnis – Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscience